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Mana Ubud - Single Deluxe (Low Season)

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In Bali, an average tourist uses 2500 liters of water per day while the locals use only 180 liters. Tourists generate 3.7kg of waste per day while locals generate only 0.7kg. And 50% ends up in landfill. What can we do as consious travelers?

Story About Us

We are a next generation eco-hotel run by an NGO, Earth Company. We strive to be ecologically- and socially-minded in every way possible through our earth bag villas, probiotic restaurant, and conscious store. We believe that tourism does not need to negatively contribute to social and environmental issues. Through sustainable practices and innovative eco-technologies, Mana aims to be part of the solution, not the problem.

The profit from your stay goes to fund Earth Company’s work to support the changemakers across the Asia Pacific.

About The Trip

Live in earth-bag houses constructed from all natural materials. Mana Earthly Paradise combines elements of traditional architecture with hints of minimalism and natural modernity. Experience low-impact living surrounded by the beauty of Bali. Learn about innovative new eco-technologies that can reduce your footprint on the plant.Leave your mark on the community. Your stay supports change-makers across the Asia Pacific.

In The Package

Live sustainably through our eco-practices featuring earth-bag houses, use of solar power for all its lights, use of rainwater for all its water supply, recycles wastewater to grow plants, tools made from recycled or sustainably-sourced wood—not a single tree was cut down for construction, use of single-use plastic free in our market and eco villas and striving to reach this standard in our kitchen, minimize and composts food waste and recycles waste with Eco Bali.

Who can come

Students, Adults, Families, Individuals (pax. 9 people)

Important Notice

All rates and prices quoted are NET inclusive of 21% government tax and service charge, ADDITIONAL BREAKFAST Rp 65,000 per pax (Breakfast time 7.30AM-10.00AM), EXTRA MATTRESS Rp 230,000 (including breakfast, available only for Dormitory and Family Villa)

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