The People Of Asia - Stylish Horse - Painting by Sara Noori
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Stylish Horse - Painting by Sara Noori

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The history of mankind is carried on the back of a horse.
Material: Canvas | Technique: Oil painting | Size: 59.4 cm x 42cm

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59cm x 42cm x 3cm
Story About Us

"It took many journeys and countries to shatter our hopes — It took one canvas to build it back up"

In 2018, Art Box PHM was founded by a group of refugee artist in hopes of creating more opportunities for artists of different cultures origins in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

The main purpose is to help refugee artists use their artistic skills as a way for them to earn income, exposure, and networking opportunities.

Product Story

I want to use my artistic experience to tell stories about my journey and my homeland. I want my community — that is still holding onto a little piece of hope, that we can find comfort and protection — to be together in a safe platform, where we can develop our artworks and use our talents to increase our livelihood. I want to create more financial opportunities for us, as refugee artists.

Although it is only logical for my community and me to feel devastated after leaving our whole lives at home, art gives back what has been taken away from us: empowerment and courage.

About the Artist:
Sarah Noori
Age : 19
Nationality : Afghanistan

Having created her first painting when she was 9 years old, art has always been one of her passions in life. When Sara moved to Malaysia, she joined Art Box PHM which led her to have sold more than 15 paintings from the year 2018 until today. She was awarded as one of the best refugee artists by Tzu Chi Foundation.

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