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NVY 03 Ombak

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The classic six-panel ball cap, reimagined with a process that’s 6x cooler. Ethically handmade by artisans out of all upcycled + recycled waste components.

Unstructured, low-crown, six-panel baseball cap.

Adjustable strap with metal clasp.

Organic cotton canvas headband.

Handcrafted by artisans in Desa Rahayu, Cigondewah, Indonesia.

Base fabric: GOTS-certified organic cotton twill; leftovers from curtain production.

Brim fabric: batik-motif printed on cloth; offcuts from Danar Hadi.

Brim material: rHDPE plastic; recycled from landfill waste.

Top button: metal scraps; cut out from aluminum + tin cans.

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28cm x 19cm x 13cm
Story About Us

Sustainable hats never looked so fresh. We make premium headwear thats light on your head, and light on the planet. Our hats are ethically handmade by artisans in Cigondewah, Indonesia and utilize components of upcycled + recycled waste materials procured as scraps, offcuts, leftovers, and deadstock fabrics directly from local manufacturers.

Product Story

Light on your head. Light on the planet.
Masterfully-handcrafted by our artisans in Cigondewah. Our new Spring/Summer 2020 collection features comfy GOTS-certified organic cotton twill and limited batik motif accents under the brim.

Our Story- In 2014, while working at a non-profit in his home country of Indonesia, our founder Monty Hasan was given the opportunity to visit local villages and meet with artisans who crafted bags from upcycled materials. This inspired him to create TOPIKU.

Our hats are each handcrafted from upcycled and recycled waste materials, salvaged from landfills, that would otherwise add to Indonesia’s ever-growing problem of waste management. Why does trash have to look like trash?

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