The People Of Asia - DO_Nation T-shirt - Second Chance (L)
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DO_Nation T-shirt - Second Chance (L)

Unisex T-shirt, 100% Cotton, S-XXL. The shirt says it all. We help the kids give them a 2nd chance. We are standing at the beginning of something amazing, and with your purchases, it can become even greater!

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73cm x 48cm x 3cm
Story About Us

With each purchase you are helping the boys at the transition home get a second chance they deserve.
From the orphaned, the imprisoned to the impoverished.
Thanks for providing to them housing, coaching, and education. You are helping them to rise again!

Product Story

Buy our products and you are providing a meal on the plate of an orphan or sending our boys to school and many more. Every purchase helps us, to help more.

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