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FOG APOTHECARY | Linen Spray | Anti-mites and bed bugs

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A cleansing agent to eliminate dust mites, bedbugs and other pesky insects. Made with natural ingredients namely essential oil blends. It’s aromatic and can eliminate bad odors. Contains ethanol which serves as an antibacterial for linen and fabrics.

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4cm x 4cm x 15cm
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SADAR is a consciously curated platform empowering local artisans and farmers. Our products are sustainable, natural and each tell a unique story. We aim to cultivate healthy consumerism that will benefit local makers and vulnerable communities.

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Fog Apothecary makes hygiene products using mostly natural ingredients and minimizes synthetic chemicals. This makes it less toxic for our skin. All products are handcrafted in small batches for a higher quality yield and are multi-functional.

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