The People Of Asia - Spring Time - Painting by Naba
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Spring Time - Painting by Naba

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A painting that resembles peace and freedom.
Material : Canvas | Technique : Oil Painting | Size 60 cm x 80 cm

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60cm x 80cm x 4cm
Story About Us

"It took many journeys and countries to shatter our hopes — It took one canvas to build it back up"

In 2018, Art Box PHM was founded by a group of refugee artist in hopes of creating more opportunities for artists of different cultures origins in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

The main purpose is to help refugee artists use their artistic skills as a way for them to earn income, exposure, and networking opportunities.

Product Story

I always know that art gives meaning to my life. It gives me inner peace, something that I could never find in any other place, especially in the midst of chaos I am going through. It pushes me into a journey of self-discovery. It helps me to question myself, only to find my true identity at the end of the path. Through art, I can create my own reality.

About the Artist:
Age : 16

Naba is a refugee artist and a member of Art Box PHM. Art has always been her passion to express her feelings as well as to preserve her heritage.

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