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Reusable Cotton Pad

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Cotton pad can be used for cleaning makeup. Made with 3 layers, bamboo fiber, cotton fiber, waterproof layer at the back. Please wash it immediately (may use any soap) so that the makeup stain does not stick. Size = 12 cm.

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12cm x 12cm x 1cm
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ELIV or the acronym for Eco - Living offers a 'zero waste' environmentally friendly lifestyle. Starting from the idea of ​​3 young people who are moved in the action of the culture of love of nature, we try to offer products that can be used repeatedly and products where their existence will not cause environmental waste that end up polluting nature.

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When you clean the make up, you will need a lot of cotton. Cotton plants are becoming unsustainable plants on the planet, because they need a lot of water and thus contribute to the reduction in fresh water throughout the world. Growing cotton plants requires high levels of dangerous pesticides and chemicals that can pollute waterways and soil. So you can care about earth start by stop using a single use cotton.

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