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Home Kit - Air Freshener (Hansel)

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This cute creature is made out of plaster which infused with fragrance oil. This act as air freshener to replace your conventional liquid diffuser.

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8cm x 8cm x 6cm
Story About Us

BREE is a home business based in Jakarta. It was born out of the passion and love for scent, beauty and handicrafts. We aim to produce classy and stylish products, whilst being meticulous and focusing on excellent end-of-product quality. 

Ultimately, we believe in fulfilling life’s simple pleasures by creating timeless collections and (hoping) to become a valuable part of your everyday lives. 

We hope that you cherish your purchases of our products as much as we do.

Product Story

You will receive two package of Hansel with green and grey cactus.

This portable diffuser is best to perfume and give the little pretty touch the small spaces in your home or workspace, also in your car! To keep it fragrant and fresh at all times.

SHARE THE LOVE and give it to your loved ones as a personal gift which is appealing to the eye and leave the most memorable scent to whoever you give it to.

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