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Companions - Painting by Iqra Asif

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This painting is a landscape painting of trees expressing the meaning of companionship.
Material: Canvas | Type: Oil Painting | Size: 50.8 x 50.8 cm

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51cm x 51cm x 3cm
Story About Us

"It took many journeys and countries to shatter our hopes — It took one canvas to build it back up"

In 2018, Art Box PHM was founded by a group of refugee artist in hopes of creating more opportunities for artists of different cultures origins in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

The main purpose is to help refugee artists use their artistic skills as a way for them to earn income, exposure, and networking opportunities.

Product Story

I've always thought that art has no limits and with painting, I hope it can take me to greater opportunities.

As painting becomes a part of me, I am always very happy and blessed to know that I am supported to express my passion.

About the Artist:
Iqra Asif
Age : 21
Nationality : Pakistan

Becoming a member of ArtBox PHM, Iqra's love for painting has strongly grown overtime. Her paintings have focused on beautiful sceneries in which she feels that it's her best way to portray her thoughts and minds. She believes that aside from the many differences in life, we can all stay strong and unite through art.

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