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Natural Cotton Bud (100 pcs)

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Organised By Eliv Indonesia

Cotton Bud with natural cotton and bamboo stems, can be used for beauty, such as applying and removing cosmetics, to clean ears or electronic equipment, etc. The cotton is free from bleach, deodorant and odorless, with anti bacterial processing.

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9cm x 2cm x 8cm
Story About Us

ELIV or the acronym for Eco - Living offers a 'zero waste' environmentally friendly lifestyle. Starting from the idea of ​​3 young people who are moved in the action of the culture of love of nature, we try to offer products that can be used repeatedly and products where their existence will not cause environmental waste that end up polluting nature.

Product Story

Do u remember about the little seahorse that carries cotton bud trash on its tail?This happens because the cotton bud that we use does not decompose in the environment. Following the urgencies to combat global plastic pollution. This natural Cotton Bud can be a solution to replace Cotton Bud that containts plastic. It's decomposed.

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