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Sustaination - Personal Care Kit

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Groom yourselves sustainably using our personal care home kits featuring our loofah, sustaintabs and our bamboo toothbrush! With this kit, you are steps away to sustainable living, because we believe that everything comes in baby steps! But

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22cm x 10cm x 15cm
Story About Us

We realize that there are misconceptions of sustainable lifestyle that seem expensive, strange, difficult, require a lot of time, and depend on the government due to the lack of available information. Sustaination is committed to accompanying friends on their journey to transition to sustainable lifestyle in harmony with nature.

Product Story

Our products believe in one aim, which all directs to the journey to zero waste and beyond. Through our products, we aim to create a greener environment and improve the lifestyles of individuals. Amidst the lockdown, we still aim to provide the best care for our loving communities which is why we built this personal care kit, to care for your daily needs.

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