The People Of Asia - Benyamin Bag - Black & Creme
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Benyamin Bag - Black & Creme

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Organised By Art for Refuge

Canvas Tote Bag

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45cm x 10cm x 40cm
Story About Us

Art for Refuge is a social entrepreneurship initiative that incorporates Art and Digital Media as platforms to share the many compelling stories of refugees in Indonesia. Art is a powerful instrument that can communicate narratives, ideas, and cultural wisdom. In addition, art elicits transformative emotional responses that resonate with viewers.

The concept behind the brand name Art for Refuge: Art provides a refuge from reality; it’s a place where we can find solace and have the ultimate freedom of expression.

Product Story

Inspired by Benyamin, a refugee from Afghanistan. He is 12 years old. He came to Indonesia 4 years ago. His dream is to be a professional athlete when he grows up.

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