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I think this is a great idea!! keep up with the good work
Alya Hafiza Vivadinar
Every single "small" thing we can do helps
I believe in the possibility of changing the world for the better. I believe we humans have now the chance to prove how much we care for our world. Now is the time to change the catastrophe... if we believe and we take action by supporting causes like this one... we will be able to survive.
my personal commitment to avoid single-use plastic whenever possible
Stephannie Thian
Let's be better for loving our earth
Diana Nurrahimah
Let’s save the planet, for we need it to save us
Prima Todingbua
I'm a healthcare worker, and I am well aware of the danger of using disposables, plastics or unnecessary wrappers. In my workplace we use incinerator to completely remove hospital wastes but I don‘t think it is an effective and eco-friendly solution to reduce waste. By signing this petition, I‘d like to voice my opinion as a healthcare worker who tried to be a lil bit eco-conscious amidst the pandemic.
Ayu Dyah
Change the habit will make you feel “less-guilt”!
Hadassah Alexandria
i think that not everyone can afford to do this. i hope people who can afford it does not think twice about it.
Ellen N
Every part of our action matter. Let's start today, start small.
Let's save our earth, this earth is not only belonging to us but also for our descendant.
Thank you for saving our environment!
Wei Ming
Let's save our earth by reducing single-use plastics!
I can't go 100% plastic free yet, but this is the least I can do to help our mother earth
Vania Amelia
small steps can give a big impact, let's take a small step for a better earth
Mardiana Handayaningsih
Its better to save the earth from small steps than let nature distroyed human's life slowly
This is the future
Nele van passel
Cutting emissions associated with plastics may require an all-of-the-above strategy: reducing waste, being carbon emissions free and finding carbon neutral ways to be sustainable
Pashmina Binwani
Let's do this!
Hana Alhaddad
save the environment
Dewi Yanti
I hope by doing these little things we can make the world a little bit better
Samantha Isabela Ongkowijoyo
BYOF (bring your own flatware!) :)
i hope we can carry on with this campgain and bring self-awareness
New breathe, new hope and a new start for a lifestyle with the beats of the nature .
Ezat Ibrahem
Hope the enviroment will get better!
I trully support of this campaign, make a better environtment.
Ikhsan Adrian
Good Luck!
Annisa Zahra
I pledge to create a better and cleaner environment :)
Nabila Dannika
Look after your self and the planet ?
Kelly A Bowen
Go set the earth free from plastic
Each contribution counts.
Nadaa Jauzaa
Esty Nadya
Let us #breakfreefromplastic
Rahyang Nusantara
urfan fahada
Avoid plastic as much as possible!
Keep it up guys!
It starts from each household to be aware of daily consumption and waste
Lets start the New Normal on the right foot
Less plastic, more life!
Ami Nazmudin
Great campaign! Keep it up! :)
Let's make a change tigether!
Veren Angelia
It is imperative to reuse products such as bags and containers so it could shorten the cycle of plastic production, and perhaps make energy use more efficient, especially those that create harmful wastes for our natural environment.
Keep moving forward towards plastic free world
Surya Sjukri
I've been (mostly) eating home cooked meals during lockdown to avoid takeaway packagings. But it's great to see more restaurants using plastic-free packaging now:)
Syarafina Sentausa
Support your local re-fill stores and also those who are developing plastic replacements!
Good luck guys!
Sherine Hassan
For the world!
Go for it and take the risk for the earth without single use plastic
Good job guys! Let's spread the movement!
Naufal Rahman Akbar
I hope all people in this planet (eart) Will join this campaign. Let's be kind to our future generation
Putri Aulia Rahman
im in :)
Please read the following research re. misconception on biodegradable materials (one of the main reasons why I didn't tick off the 4th point:
Arvin Dwiarrahman
Let's start with small action to make our ocean smile - @oceansmile_id -
Rr. Era Laraswati
We can do it!
Even Your Small Act Can Change the World!
Ahmad Aziz
Save the earth!
Friedman Gultom
Starts small, dream big
Ali Harsya
all is well in our world?
Sarrah Mita
To contribute the sustainability of our earth i pledge to step forward against single-use plastic packaging through choose products which is biodegradable materials or eco-friendly
Mochammad Rizqy Maulana
Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can definitely change the world. It's never too late or too soon to rethink about our plastic consumption. We can do this TOGETHER!
Small steps! We can do this together! :)
Amira Alaydroes
Let’s take a lead for better earth!
Muhammad Arif
Keep up the good work guys!
I pledge to cut off all the unnecessary plastic usage from my life, starting from small.
Our mission is Mother Earth
Yasmina Haque
I am glad to become a part of this movement and definitely saw the urgency! Good luck to the amazing teams and supporters behind this. You rock!
Nadine Hassan
Together we can create a better and cleaner world!
Goodbye for plastic from now!!!
About The Campaign
Why are we calling for this movement?

During the pandemic and large-scale social restriction (PSBB) in Jakarta, composition of the plastic waste produced actually increased to 21% of the total waste compared to the composition in 2018 which is 15% according to a survey conducted by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government in several waste collection centers during the PSBB period.

This is not a drill.

Our Earth urgently needs your help, we are slowly sinking. With this new normal, Rethink and The People of Asia wants to encourage people to apply a new normal for the environment by reducing plastic consumption which now regulated by the Governor’s Regulation No 142 2019 on Plastic Bag Ban in DKI Jakarta started from this July and too express the Plastic Free July movement around the world.

Our Movement

Rethink Campaign with The People of Asia initiated #NewNormal #NewEarth campaign to encourage people to care more about the environment in the future so that we can apply new norms to a healthier environment.
This program aims to make the community aware of the importance of environmental health which also influences the health of each individual. With this campaign, Rethink wants to promote a healthier environment by inviting people to reduce the use of single-plastics and replace them with environmentally friendly alternatives.

Why it matters

As plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade, plastics in landfills and oceans will continue to pollute for several generations. With Indonesia as the second largest contributor for plastic waste, it is time for us to take action.

Source: “Meet the Innovators Battling Plastic Waste in Indonesia: Mohamad Bijaksana Junerosano.” World Bank, 31 May 2019
“Selama PSBB, Jumlah Sampah di DKI Menurun tapi Komposisi Plastik Naik” ,IDN Times ,18 June 2020
Share Your Story about the Environment with Us!

We know you have a lot to say about the environment. This is why Rethink Campaign and The People of Asia want your voices to be heard. So share with us, what is your biggest environmental concern about plastic usage? And what can we do to help protect the earth? We can protect the environment if we act upon it. And through your inspiring story, we can make a difference together.

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