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Bachata Class by Athika Nasution

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Organised By ReDance

This is an online "Bachata" dance class. Every Saturday at 4:00PM - 5:00PM (GMT+7)

Story About Us

ReDance (est. 2014) is Dance Company and Organizer located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The focus of ReDance is to make Afro-Latin dance scene in Indonesia bigger and better.
And Athika as a founder is dedicated to bringing quality and affrodable dancer, also will be able to spread the word that dancing is a fun and exciting way to spend time. There are many benefits to dancing that will attract people from many backgrounds and interests.

About The Experience Trip

Bachata originated in the 1960’s throughout the countryside of the Dominican Republic.
Originally, the basic step of the Bachata was danced from front to back. Now, however, it is more commonly danced from side to side. It is counted one, two, three, hip. The hip action of the Bachata, specifically the female partner’s hip action, is the most notable characteristic of this dance.
There are several different styles of Bachata dance, some of which closely resemble the original one and others being more stylized. Bachata, however, is still growing and evolving.
* Bachata Dominicana
* Bachata Moderna
* Bachata Sensual (created in Spain)
* Bachata Fusion

Instructor's Resume :
Athika is founder of ReDance (est' 2014), Certified Professional Instructor, Choreographer, Organizer and Host in Afro-Latin, Traditional and Line Dance scene.

She developed her love of dancing at the early age of 3 years old. She started from traditional dance to modern dance then contemporer dance next adding line dance lastly latin dance and afro dance.

She has performed, taught and compete in various countries of Europe, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, HongKong, India, and more. She runs a dance company in Central Jakarta with weekly programs. Athika is known for great vibes, fun classes, rich musicality and show choreography in her unique dance style.

Since 2014, Athika runs ReDance as one of Afro - Latin dance company in Indonesia. One of our famous program is organized annual event "White Party by ReDance" since 3 years ago, with big number of participates, line up instructors and DJ's (local and overseas). Organized several workshops in Indonesia with local and overseas artists. And hosting social dancing in Jakarta, Bali and Kuala Lumpur almost everynight.


- Warm up
- Learning the basic techniques of Bachata
- Styling & Shine / Footwork
- Learning choreography with music / Musicality
- Q & A session

In The Package

Super fun class!

Who can come

Anyone with an interest towards Bachata dance

Important Notice

Refund is available

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