The People Of Asia - Indonesian Contemporary Dance class - Gumarang Sakti technique
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Indonesian Contemporary Dance class - Gumarang Sakti technique

Onlice class every Saturday 04.00 - 05.00 pm (GMT +7). In this class you will learn a contemporary style - Gumarang Sakti method, which based on silek - an art of self defense from West Sumatra.

Story About Us

The Som Dance was founded by a team of professionals in the field of dance education both in Indonesia and internationally, we want to share our knowledge and experience to lift up the quality of dance education in Indonesia. We believe that dance plays an important role in the community. #thesommovethecommunity

We offer fun and knowledgeable programs based on our in-house curriculum covering wide variety of genres from Contemporary, Indonesian Traditional to HipHop dance.

Why Dance ?
Dance is a beautiful art form.

The number of people taking part in dance classes world wide is increasing, with dance allowing people to be more active, to freely express themselves in safe environment and to develop creative skills. Dance keeps both the body and the mind active and happy, vital for people of every age.

About The Experience Trip

This is an introduction class to give you the taste of Gumarang Sakti method. The teacher - Davit Fitrik will guide you step by step to understand the movement principal and philosophy.

Gumarang Sakti is a dance company founded in 1982 by Gusmiati Suid - a vital figure in Indonesian contemporary dance from West Sumatra. Taking the spirit of silek - an art of self defense and bakaba - storytelling/oral history tradition, Gusmiati Suid plays an important part in Indonesian dance scenes. She has created many monumental works.

Since 1977, Gusmiati Suid started to construct the techniques of Gumarang Sakti method. This movement technique comes from the exploration of bunga silat or balabek - the aspects of martial art for entertainment or performances - into new forms. These become the methodology of Gumarang Sakti.

After her death in 2001, Gumarang Sakti continue the legacy under the direction of her son - choreographer Boi G Sakti. Boi G Sakti broadening his creative approach, playing and exploring more towards the Asian culture as the root of his works. One of the most prestigious recognition that Gumarang Sakti received, is Bessie Award from New York Dance Performance for “Outstanding Creative Achievement” in 1991.

Until now Gumarang Sakti methodology has continued to be taught nationally and internationally by Davit Fitrik - Gumarang Sakti’s lead and last generation dancer whom embodied the method. He has been teaching the method all over the world. Currently Davit is the principal of The SOM Dance Academy in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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- Learning the basic techniques of Gumarang Sakti.
- Getting to know the history and philosophy behind the method
- Learning choreography with music
-Q & A session

In The Package

Who can come

15 years old and above

Important Notice

Link will be sent after payment is confirmed. If the minimum quota of participant is not reached, the class may be rescheduled.

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