The People Of Asia - Indonesian Traditional Class by Novi Shara Shainia
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Indonesian Traditional Class by Novi Shara Shainia

This is an online Indonesian Traditional dance class. Every Wednesday 3:00PM - 4:00PM (GMT+7)

Story About Us

Ardhanari came together as a natural formation of a family of creatives, in dance and music of modern and traditional styles. Its members bear experience and hold expertise of on and off stage performing arts management, with an extensive track record of partnerships supported by diplomatic bodies, educational institutions and multinational companies in all its productions.

About The Experience Trip

Indonesia is rich in distinct cultural features, such as is visible through dance. Movement and technique of different cultural forms vary greatly across the archipelago, from island to island. This class will be an exploration of creative movement through the oft contrasting embodiment of history, heritage and folklore through dance.

Instructor's resume:
"Ballet being my basic dance training during my time overseas, I continued my dance journey in Namarina before studying traditional Indonesian dance. This gave me the opportunity to continue my cultural mission in a number of countries to represent Indonesia. In an effort to encourage greater cultural understanding and preservation of heritage, my mission is to ease appreciation of tradition in dance that grows increasingly foreign to younger generations day by day."

Novi Shara Shainia has an outstanding portfolio in training and performance within and outside of Indonesia. Graduating from the School of Planning and Architecture in Trisakti University, Novi has an abundance of experience in teaching dance at schools and academies, as well as performing in music videos, commercials and theatrical productions, among which include Onrop!, Enjoy Jakarta, Minamas Plantation, ASEAN Games and more.


1. Warm up
2. Choreography

In The Package

Who can come

Anyone with a curiosity to learn the various forms of traditional Indonesian dance.

Important Notice

Link will be sent after payment is confirmed, prior to class. If the minimum quota of participant is not reached, the class may be rescheduled.

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