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Samudera Necklace

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Statement necklace made from plastic bottle caps. The necklace is made by silversmiths in Yogyakarta, while the pendants are handmade in Jakarta - the necklace is then assembled in our workshop in Jakarta.

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25cm x 15cm x 0cm
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Our creative solution to overcome Indonesia's waste problem

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This is part of our Cinta Laut Kita collection or Love our Oceans in English. The blue pendant resembles the ocean, the white pendants has got random colours on it to resemble all the plastic waste that end up at sea, while the gold pendant resembles the sand. We made this collection to remind people that our marine life is slowly dying due to the extreme plastic pollution in our ocean. We're minimising our plastic waste one pendant at a time - our pendants are made from plastic bottle caps.

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