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The Som Dance was founded by a team of professionals in the field of dance education both in Indonesia and internationally, we want to share our knowledge and experience to lift up the quality of dance education in Indonesia. We believe that dance plays an important role in the community. #thesommovethecommunity We offer fun and knowledgeable programs based on our in-house curriculum covering wide variety of genres from Contemporary, Indonesian Traditional to HipHop dance. Why Dance ? Dance is a beautiful art form. The number of people taking part in dance classes world wide is increasing, with dance allowing people to be more active, to freely express themselves in safe environment and to develop creative skills. Dance keeps both the body and the mind active and happy, vital for people of every age.

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The Story

We are a Dance school located in Bintaro sektor 9, Tangerang, Indonesia. Founded by a team of dance educators & professionals in 2015, at that time we felt there weren't many dance schools in Jakarta - Tangerang that offer good quality training specially in Contemporary dance. With that in mind we decide to open The School of Movement (The SOM) to boost the interest and appreciation for dance, and to lift up the quality of dance education. The condition of the arts in Indonesia is not really promising. The support from the government is very limited and that's why until now, working as an artist is not really an option. We want to change that perspective. Even though it's tough in Indonesia to work as an artist, it doesn't mean the opportunities and possibilities stop here. with good training and good education, you will have the opportunity to work for well known dance company/ industry/ schools abroad. That's why The SOM is here.